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July 25: Wheeeee

Great day with my youngest kids. Landon and Eliana. We took my nephew Luke to Six Flags. We rode all the coasters. Raced Go Karts. Finished off the evening having dinner with Kyle Ashley Zoriah and my sister Karen. Played cards and ate good food
Sounds like an awesome day right. Well
It was. Loved it all. Going to sleep exhausted but very happy







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July 23: Studio

Ta Da.. I love Seth’s new space..

Grateful we have be blessed with a home with space to do this..

wall3 flashing
micro wall1 wall2


now my office, looking like hoarders


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July 22: whooped

Seth, Gaby(my mother in law) and I have been working non stop. Reorganizing, painting and cleaning Seth’s sound studio/ office/ kids game room.
It was a long overdue project. His room flooded almost 10 years ago. The carpet had to be torn out. He has been dealing with a bare concrete floor

With non stop work. We had installed floors. Painted walls and doors. Installed a cool metal flashing as a border that sets of the sound board walls.

Now my office picked up all the over- spillage. It now looks like an episode of hoarders. Ugh. Honestly there are 5 ft high pathways.

Oh well, a project for another day
My feet have given out.
Tired tootsies
Grateful to work on a project for my husband. He does SO much for me. I truly was a gift for me. To be able to help him with his project


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July 8: Little Cousin

Yesterday I got to hold this little man. He has had a spot in my heart long before he was born. I love his mama (my cousin) more than words can express. It was a blessed day for me to hold him.
Last summer when I first got to meet him. I was exposed to pneumonia and couldn’t hold him. My heart broke not to hold this long awaited dream baby.
So holding him was a joy. You can see it in my face.


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June 30: Journey

Grateful my son Landon has great taste in music. Last night he was listening to Rush. Making his Dad very proud 🙂
This morning I saw him sleeping on the couch( it is really hot here and his upstairs room is crazy hot) with his headphones in listening to Journey. Makes a Mama proud 🙂


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June 28-29: Trike

I lost a day in all the travel. But I have been able to watch Zoriah 2 days in a row. So I get a double grateful for my Grandbaby.
Today she went garage saling with us. She ran over and jumped on a red tricycle. For 5$ we had a happy girl !
Even better the garage sale was a fundraiser to send foster kids to camp!


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June 23: Break

Today we started our day by visiting a Local Romanian Church. Worshiping in many languages to the same God is a beautiful thing indeed.

We had a few hours after Church to do some sightseeing of the downtown. A much needed break from the heavy burdened days.

The downtown is stunning. The architecture is remarkable. I have never seen anything like it. I could have spent all day taking pictures. I fell in love with the doors, gates, windows and handles.
The Church buildings are awe inspiring.
I feel blessed to be able to experience a small piece of the country
Posting only a few of my pictures






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June 21: Family

My emotions are very overpowering today. We visited a state run orphanage today. It was recently taken over by a Christian organization. They are overwhelmed yet devoted to changing a cyclical abuse, neglect and poorly cared for system of caring for the most wounded of all God creations
I am impressed by their dedication to ending the abuse. I am in awe of there passion.

Today when touring the facility. I had this overpowering feeling of creepiness. Not sure how else to say it. They need Americans etc to see the sub standard ( that is being kind) to have the monetary ability to change…. Yet, I felt like I was getting a tour and looking into rooms etc. like at the Zoo.

Hey kids, perform for the Americans. Show them your rooms etc. Let them take your picture. Actually that was my breaking point. I wanted to scream. I refuse to take a picture. They are people children. Abused and ultimately rejected by those who should love them most ( this a passion near and dear to my heart, one that wounds me like no other )
So I am not sure if I will post any pictures of orphans I meet here. Only if they want to and it seems a fruitful reason.
So today I choose only choose to post a picture that cannot capture. The sadness that permeates this building

Sorry for this emotional post. But it had been a day like that
Grateful for my family


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June 16: My Love

Today Facebook was filled with posts of love about Dads and their love
My kids have been so blessed to have Seth as their father.
When Bobby died …Kyle and Gabriella were so little. I couldn’t imagine a man loving me or my kids as much as Bobby did. Bobby truly loved his kids with all he had in him. I honestly believe that Bobby hand picked Seth for us. If he couldn’t travel on this earth with us any longer. He only wanted the best for us. That is what Seth is.

He is an amazing father to all four of our kids. A faithful man with a quiet yet steady determined love of God. A very hard worker. A devoted husband. Intelligent , clever, handsome , creative and handy with tools and computers.

Call me blessed indeed

The picture is Seth packing for Romania. I am amazed that a man who works so hard. Is willing to give up his vacation. To help others.
Love you Seth!!!!
Your wife


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June 15 : Confirmation #

Whoop I just booked my plane ticket to see my sister by another mister (okay not really…. But if you ever met us you would say we were sisters or should have been born that way)….Heather!!!

We are also going to the Baseball Hall of Fame. My great great grandpa is being inducted. Yes That is WAY COOL.. I know

Add this too boot, I get to travel with my insanely cool nephew Luke! Heather and I are going to give him a tour of Boston.. Poor kid, he has no idea how embarrassing we can be.

What a great day!

Grateful indeed.. Now I just need more tickets to see some of my other sister-friends in the Northwest.. You know who you are

Looking forward to spending time with my friend, family and baseballdownload

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