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My Furniture Weakness

Do you have a type or style of furniture that you  have a hard time resisting?

twin bed frames

twin bed frames

Dressers, nightstands, coffee tables, china hutches, or mine… twin bed frames. especially when there are two!  I mean what is cuter then twin matching beds for little girls. Or boys for that matter.

I saw these today and just couldn’t walk away.  The details just cry out for some decorative milk paint..My instant thoughts are soft pale pink details with a creamy white body.. But  customers tend to just like white only.. So will the creative side or the business side win out on these? Any thoughts?

twin bed

twin bed

I think I have about 6 beds to paint…Maybe my end of the year goal for 2014 should be to finish all these beds.. I know I can’t buy anymore until I get some done.

I hope you are all having a good Sunday.. I’m going to.

SewZanne: Milk Paint Girl

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Beachy Style Dresser Before and After

When I bought this dresser..I was a bit put off by the 80’s painting on the drawers.. But I know the power of chalk paint 😉


You can see from the picture I already started to pull off the wooden handles..

I painted the entire piece in Aubusson blue Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.. Then layered off white and grey..Distressed and changed the knobs.  I really liked how the painted parts left a cool impression, so in the end I was glad for the 80’s to come through..

It sold  on Craigslist to a young girl out of college. It made my heart happy


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Finding My Style

People said it would happen, I wasn’t sure I knew what they meant.. When they would say..” Just be you!” “Paint things with your style” or “Just paint what you like”  Hard to do those things when you aren’t sure what that is…

But lately I have been painting with milk paint.  I do consider it adventure paint. Now don’t get me wrong I adore chalk paint :heart:  But there is something for me.. magical… about the natural chippy process milk paint may take or not take.. You really have to roll with it. Embrace the uncertainty of what it will do. Some times I will think .. Oh this piece will chip like crazy and nope..nada.. zilch!!!

Other times I don’t think it will chip a lot and tons of the paint chips and I have to embrace that..

What I have found is MY STYLE.. It may be others as well.. but it feels right.. I connect with the process. It feels authentic..I feel creative..

I don’t know how this will develop in the future.. but today I feel so happy inside.. I’ll post some photos of my current projects..










August 21: Current Projects

I figured I show some of my current projects I’ve finished, Thanks for being apart of this journey with me. Grateful for paint, creativity and my job.

First up, My made in the USA table. I bought this since I am patriotic at heart.. And this piece had such good bones. I painted it first with Miss Mustard Seeds Shutter Grey Milk Paint  I buy mine locally from the girls at Summer Cottage. Than I used

Lamp Black Milk Paint from General Finishes   Distressed and sealed it with a wipe on Poly.


Next up my round vintage coffee table. I am so tempted to keep this

First I painted it with Annie Sloan French Linen and Old Ochre, I buy mine locally at Summer Cottage Antiques in Petaluma, Where I have my little space. My friend Jessica sells the paint 🙂  I than added a glaze and distressed it and sealed it with a water based sealer. I adore this table and wish I could keep it.  But I already have a cool coffee table…so off it goes


Lastly, I call this one. the great legs table. Really the legs on this girl are sexy..If table legs can be sexy???? I painted it with the Tricycle Milk Paint than on top with the Lamp Black. Sealed with two coats of wipe on poly.


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July 19 : Burlap Chair

I did it.  I made a new wooden bottom for this old vanity chair.  I recovered it with an old feed sack.  (hint; if you wash old feed sacks to get the *old* smell out, you will seriously fade out all the lettering)  But I was happy the * California* was still legible. I used some duck cloth underneath the burlap to give it some stability.

I really like how it turned out.

Glad to know I’ve still got some wood shop skills.

Grateful for toolsImage

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July 2: old dresser

Remember the old white dresser with the peeling veneer ?
I finished it today. Even with some rope handles by Seth
Grateful for challenges




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June 14: Black Paint

Really. I loved this paint. It is General Finishes Lamp Black. I buy it from rockler woodworking
Ever since I saw the cool creations over at Primitive and Proper . I had to try it.
I bought these two nightstands. They said. Please paint us black. Really they did 😉
I am having so much fun painting and creating. I am really grateful for the opportunity to do it





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June 10: Peeling Veneer

Today I am tackling peeling veneer on a dresser Seth and I picked up at a garage sale.. Seth was really opposed to this dresser, so I have to prove him wrong/right?!  Ladies you understand this..


I loved the waterfall front.  It has a horrible spray paint finish, shiny brass knobs and peeling veneer on the top.

It just cries for some paint and new hardware.. But first I have to get the veneer off.

I found this helpful blog post from

Decor and the Dog

Wish me luck..

Grateful for challenges, paint and helpful blogs


This is after peeling most of the veneer off.

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June 9: Table

Finished up this cute little outdoor table. I love the color.

I asked one of the ladies at my work. “What is a lesson you have learned over the last 12+ years selling?”

“Number one”she said, “Don’t love your inventory!”

I get it now. When bloggers would post. Oh I love it, but off to the shop it goes. I thought. Yeah right. You don’t really love it. But the truth is I think most do. Just like an artist may love their art. Yet, sell it for gain.
Even so, I can’t keep everything can I ???
So my little table I love is now for sale
Grateful for advice from others
And the color blue



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June 8: painting

Whew. Seth and I pulled out the paint sprayer
Now I just have to finish up these projects.
Grateful for paint sprayers




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