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July 15: Fear- Challenged

WOW.. Today was amazing and terrifying.

Our Girl Scout Troop is disbanding 😦 But they choose to use their hard earned cookie sales $ to go on a Zip Line Canopy Tour in the Redwoods.

If you know me you know I have two HUGE fears.. Frogs and heights..Both things have a large part in my growing up. When dysfunctional people know your fears they can use them to torment a small helpless child.

That little girl (me) grows up and says” No longer will these fears or memories control me!!!” I refuse to be held captive to painful times.

Today, with the amazing gift of two amazing ladies (Allison and Rebekah)and my daughter Eliana. God works through people you know 🙂  I took a BIG leap, literally, forward and flew through the air.  300 feet in the air!!!

**Platform 3 – 4
Now the real adventure begins. Look down if you dare: you’ll see the deep natural ravine almost 300 feet below***

I don’t have pictures, yet.. but hopefully I will find one to share.

Today I feel free

Grateful that God sends people to help us, at just the right time, with the right words when we step out (or off the platform on a redwood tree) in trust.



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July 13: No Hitter

Gotta love a no hitter. Congratulations Timmy!!! Even better my boy Posey caught his second no hitter 🙂


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July 11: Breathe

Today, I finally have a few minutes to slow down.. I have been on a frantic pace since Romania.. I am usually pretty good at not over committing, but the last  year, I have really begun the process of doing to much. Thus ending up.

Hungry- and eating unhealthy food

Angry- At myself for taking on too much, which turns to self pity, feeling sorry for me since I have too much to do.

Lonely- I don’t make quality time for Seth or my kids

Tired- I get so exhausted and that again leads to being emotionally drained, when that happens, I go to my unhealthy habits of poor eating and overspending.

I was told this week, before I commit something else, to STOP and breathe. Feel in my body and spirit, if this is a good thing to take on.

Grateful for new tools to use to help my grow.



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July 10: healthy choices

I have been challenged lately to confront some unhealthy behaviors I have in my life.
I spent most of my life being fit and making healthy food choices( at least 80%) of the time. Which is completely fine by me. Since perfection is not my goal.
Since my last foot surgery I have battled the self pity of losing my ability to exercise how I want! This self pity has taken hold. I have grabbed ahold of it like a cuddly blanket.
This has all shown up in my food choices and weight My fitness level is at an all time low. My weight is creeping up on an all time high.
It all comes down to me. Letting go of the self pity. Kicking it and the hold it has on me to the curb.
Today. I start
Grateful that new choices can start at anytime of day




July 7: creativity

I saw this quote from Meghan Carter and Love It

grateful for all the designers who encourage others



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July 6 :Sewing Wisdom

I saw this in my vintage sewing book. Some advice is always good
Grateful for sewing




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July 1: Unsettled


Not sure why I feel all jumbled inside today.. I am feeling a bit lost in direction I guess.. I think being in Romania, I felt purpose and need.. Today I just feel the boring duty of chores.  The floors are really in need of cleaning. The laundry is piled up, and I’m out of detergent. The dishes need to be done. etc…

Should I sew, which I haven’t done in a month. I have a quilt to finish for my niece and another to start for my god-daughter whose baby is due in August.  But, not sure if I want that sort of creativity..

I could finish painting a few pieces of furniture to sell, but things have been a bit slow and I have things stacked up to sell..My insecurity flares when things slow down.

Sewzannes is quite slow right now as well.  I have lots of fabric to sell, but I know that summer is a slow season. People are on vacation etc.. Not sewing for the most part.

I want to decorate my house, but I am feeling a lack of inspiration, an honestly doubting my ability to pull it off. Comparison is a joy killer. I am not really saying I want my house to look like theirs, but feeling a stale-ness to my living room right now.  I have some awesome pieces in there..but it’s all white and cream and lacking some pop of color and grounding sense of overall style. I may spend the day browsing Pinterest for inspiration. Then I will frantically start painting and redecorating..(my poor family)

So I will go to what I know.. Start first with prayer. It can be well with my soul today. I can pray for peace, calm and direction. I will pray for a light for my path today, and some energy to get some cleaning done, since I’m pretty sure that is my first thing first..

Grateful for feeling unsettled, since I know after prayer and some action this emotion will pass


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June 19: my favorite food

Using the 30 day photo challenge I thought I would post my favorite food
Still using my iPhone camera though. Hopefully tonight I will pull out my good camera and take some better shots


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June 17& 18: Travel and Amsterdam

Posting this before crashing out for a nap. If took us over a day to arrive here
11 flight to Amsterdam. 8 hour layover
2 hour flight to Budapest Hungary. Then a 3+ hour bus ride into Romania
We are here.
I is a beautiful hostel. The orphanage works with habitat for humanity. They have very comfortable accommodations for volunteers

Here are so quick pics of Amsterdam. We had time for a boat tour then back to the airport
Grateful for safe travel




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May 13: Cervical Stenosis

The image to this post is perfect.. Life is hard when I spill my coffee 😉


This morning I had an epidural in my neck, dealing with this ongoing pain I have had for a few years.  For years my arms have gone numb, especially at night. Or while doing yoga, painting and lifting weights.

I did Physical Therapy for awhile and gained some relief. But, in December I went back to the gym after FINALLY receiving some pain relief in my foot. PRAISE GOD!  **My foot is a challenge for me, but with God and the support of friends I have grieved the loss of running, and look forward to new athletic challenges.**

Well, life wouldn’t want to be boring around here, and my arm pain, became unbearable. So today was a new attempt to bring some relief. 

Today I am grateful that I have options for healing, healthcare and family to support me in my down-times



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