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August 21: Current Projects

I figured I show some of my current projects I’ve finished, Thanks for being apart of this journey with me. Grateful for paint, creativity and my job.

First up, My made in the USA table. I bought this since I am patriotic at heart.. And this piece had such good bones. I painted it first with Miss Mustard Seeds Shutter Grey Milk Paint  I buy mine locally from the girls at Summer Cottage. Than I used

Lamp Black Milk Paint from General Finishes   Distressed and sealed it with a wipe on Poly.


Next up my round vintage coffee table. I am so tempted to keep this

First I painted it with Annie Sloan French Linen and Old Ochre, I buy mine locally at Summer Cottage Antiques in Petaluma, Where I have my little space. My friend Jessica sells the paint 🙂  I than added a glaze and distressed it and sealed it with a water based sealer. I adore this table and wish I could keep it.  But I already have a cool coffee table…so off it goes


Lastly, I call this one. the great legs table. Really the legs on this girl are sexy..If table legs can be sexy???? I painted it with the Tricycle Milk Paint than on top with the Lamp Black. Sealed with two coats of wipe on poly.


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July 9: Mentor

At my new job, I am surrounded by quite a few talented stagers( designers). They take a small 8X8 space and make it look like a magazine article.
One of the ladies at my work Fran. Has the design eye that I long for. Something about her style is my desire. Now I know the best design style is MY OWN. But it’s wonderful to have an inspiration.
I took on my first staging challenge and designed the front window of the store(pictures soon). Hint picture vintage sewing room).
When I went into work yesterday I found this note in my box!!!!!!
So grateful,
Today my goal is to encourage someone else!!!!
You, Me, Us. We can do this. That voice that tells us we can’t. Aren’t good enough. Talented , pretty. Athletic etc enough. Is wrong. We can do it.
Lets do it


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June 13 : Organize

I have been painting like crazy lately. Trying to get things done before we leave on our mission trip to Romania.

In between sanding, filling Sewzannes Fabrics orders, painting, laundry, dishes, painting I decided to organize my paint area in my office. It’s a crazy mash up in there of fabric elastic and painting supplies

Here is my newly arraigned paint area
Grateful for shelves in my garage I could use. Great paints and a wonderful studio that I can paint, sell fabric and enjoy


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June 7: A Tour of My Work

I figured I love walking around my new work looking at all the great dealer stations. I figured I’d let you see some too.











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May 27: Barn Wood

I love the look of old barn wood, fence boards and weathered woods.

Seth is an awesome garage sale *picker*. A few weeks ago he found some old barn wood. It needed some serious cleaning. But the worn red color is lovely.

Today he helped me create a barn wood wall in my dealer space at Summer Cottage Antiques.

My husband is a keeper. I just love him. He helps me with my dreams, challenges and is my best friend. And he is so sexy when he swings a hammer 😉
Also posting pictures of my space
Grateful for wood and my husband









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May 18: Paycheck

Today I got a paycheck!!!! After working for fabric for 9+ years ( which I love and will happily continue to do)
it was fun to actually make a little bit of money for fun stuff
Grateful for paychecks


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May 5: Kinda a big deal

Around here I always say if I put make up on it’s kind of a big deal. Today is another day at my new job I’m super excited! So in honor of this day I have make up on including lipstick today I am grateful for big days


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