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October 26: Laugh

Grateful my husband can still make me laugh. image source


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October 25:Cute Boots

Grateful for cute boots!!!

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October 24: Words

Grateful for the words that are not needed to be spoken by friends. Yet without words you know they truly understand you

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October 23: Toothpaste

Grateful to have toothpaste. Really, I appreciate that others can use it too 🙂

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October 22: Valuable

I am working on the idea, that I have value. Not just that what I can do is valuable…
But that me, Suzanne, is valuable just because I’m me.
I can easily see value in others. Yet seeing it in me is a challenge.
I read the other day: “Even if others don’t believe or say it, you are valuable and your worth is not less”
Grateful that I continue to grow, push aside my negative self views, believe in Gods belief in me, speak and believe truth to myself and others


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October 21: Online Math Tutor

Grateful there are online math tutor programs. Today my brain got pushed trying to teach math to Eliana. So glad I could access the online tutorials to teach us both 🙂
image source


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October 20: Never Fails

Reminded myself today that Love Never Fails. No matter my struggles I can hold on to the promise that Love wins. Every time !!!
Grateful for the promise


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October 19: Elvis

I was madly in love with Elvis as a girl. I would dress up and pretend to go to his concerts.
I was telling Eliana tonight, that I remember where and when it was I heard he had died. How I cried…
Grateful that Elvis happened in my lifetime


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October 18: Friday

So glad it’s Friday. My day started with a great workout. In a few hours my hubby will be home. :Love:

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October 17: Teaching

Today I’m grateful I can teach my daughter and her friend History each week. I enjoy learning about it as much as teaching it.

This week we are studying ancient Chinese art. Today the girls took their watercolors outside to paint landscapes, which is a constant in Chinese art. Cool right!!!



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