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My Furniture Weakness

Do you have a type or style of furniture that you  have a hard time resisting?

twin bed frames

twin bed frames

Dressers, nightstands, coffee tables, china hutches, or mine… twin bed frames. especially when there are two!  I mean what is cuter then twin matching beds for little girls. Or boys for that matter.

I saw these today and just couldn’t walk away.  The details just cry out for some decorative milk paint..My instant thoughts are soft pale pink details with a creamy white body.. But  customers tend to just like white only.. So will the creative side or the business side win out on these? Any thoughts?

twin bed

twin bed

I think I have about 6 beds to paint…Maybe my end of the year goal for 2014 should be to finish all these beds.. I know I can’t buy anymore until I get some done.

I hope you are all having a good Sunday.. I’m going to.

SewZanne: Milk Paint Girl

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Beachy Style Dresser Before and After

When I bought this dresser..I was a bit put off by the 80’s painting on the drawers.. But I know the power of chalk paint 😉


You can see from the picture I already started to pull off the wooden handles..

I painted the entire piece in Aubusson blue Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.. Then layered off white and grey..Distressed and changed the knobs.  I really liked how the painted parts left a cool impression, so in the end I was glad for the 80’s to come through..

It sold  on Craigslist to a young girl out of college. It made my heart happy


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Finding My Style

People said it would happen, I wasn’t sure I knew what they meant.. When they would say..” Just be you!” “Paint things with your style” or “Just paint what you like”  Hard to do those things when you aren’t sure what that is…

But lately I have been painting with milk paint.  I do consider it adventure paint. Now don’t get me wrong I adore chalk paint :heart:  But there is something for me.. magical… about the natural chippy process milk paint may take or not take.. You really have to roll with it. Embrace the uncertainty of what it will do. Some times I will think .. Oh this piece will chip like crazy and nope..nada.. zilch!!!

Other times I don’t think it will chip a lot and tons of the paint chips and I have to embrace that..

What I have found is MY STYLE.. It may be others as well.. but it feels right.. I connect with the process. It feels authentic..I feel creative..

I don’t know how this will develop in the future.. but today I feel so happy inside.. I’ll post some photos of my current projects..










Who Threw Up On The Floor?

Some days of my life start with wondering which of my many animals decided to throw up all over the floor?

Not that it matters which one. But if I knew, than I could give them the evil eye for doing it. The mean mom stare one!

The good news is; today also included a happy treat. I picked up a darling little hutch. It’s so sweet. I adore the smaller size of it.


The little handle. Love it!!!!


The best part of today, was spending some mother daughter time with my oldest daughter Gabriella. She drove with me to go pick up the hutch. I love my girl. Finding time to just visit and laugh with your adult child is precious. I promise…….

“Ack”. I just realized as I was typing this my dogs ate the bacon off the counter. “Sigh”.

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Gods Timing

Some days it’s easy to trust in Gods plan. Other days it is a challenge. Grateful that over the years experience has shown me. To turn it over and have faith


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October 31: 365 Days

Can you believe it!! It’s been a year since I started my year of gratitude posts. Other than a few days (Romania or being sick I posted gratitude daily for a year)
What I’ve learned this year.
I can find gratitude in simple things.
I am really blessed
Romania is beautiful and heartbreaking
I have amazing friends
My family is precious.
Mexico is warm and lovely
God shows up in the small things and the big ones
I can do it.
I miss running. But still love working out
I battle depression, negative thoughts and sadness more than I hoped. But I can fight it
I love my animals
The scale is not an indicator of happiness
My husband really loves me
My faith in God sustains me
Gratitude is a great way to start and end a day
Thanks to any of you who have been along with me for some, all or any of this journey.
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October 30: Art Class

I’m taking my first art class. This is a big leap forward for me. I’m usually the one people are bummed to get partnered with in pictionary.
I felt guided to take this class, push my creativity. I don’t have to be amazing, or even good. I just have to let go and try
Grateful for the challenge
Jeanne Oliver

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October 29: Left Overs

Yum. Butter Chicken
Grateful for leftovers


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October 28: Cozy Blankets

Grateful for cozy blankets on chilly nights


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October 27:Mechanic

Grateful for our friend and excellent mechanic Steve. It’s such a good feeling to know you can trust your auto mechanic

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